Friday, August 3, 2012


How about a little eye candy today? I am in love with succulents, not just because of their soft pastel colors or the fact that they are so cute and little, but because they are pretty much the only house plant that I don't consistently kill.

I recently bought three echiveria and put them in a little black pot on the kitchen hutch and it is my favorite spot in the whole house. Looking at them makes me smile. Of course, the first time I tried growing succulents I killed them because I used regular potting mix to plant them rather than the fast-draining stuff I should have used. Having too much moisture in the soil causes these pretty plants to turn ugly really fast. My friend Jessica grows succulents in vintage tea tins on her windowsill and she has been my succulent doctor, telling me where to get my soil (OSH of course) and what to do when they get too big for their containers (as if that would ever happen - I'm just trying to keep them alive here!).

I love the idea of a vertical succulent garden. If you're feeling brave, the instructions can be found here.

I think this is my favorite succulent idea - a little tiny plant in a tea cup as a party favor and place card. Lovely, practical, and easy. Makes me want to have a party. :)

Some day when I have a bigger house and a yard with a real fence to keep out chickens and cats and raccoons and possums, I will plant a succulent garden in an old fountain. This is so pretty! Until then I'll stick with my one little black pot. If I continue to have success there I might branch out to another one... two might be just enough for me to handle. :)

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