Thursday, August 16, 2012

Grow what you drink

Q: How many men does it take to bottle the newest batch of beer?
A: As many as you've got. One to do the work, and the rest to stand around and daydream about how delicious it is going to taste.

(A few shots from the latest "beer bottling," which was not quite as exciting as the beer brewing itself, which took all day, required even MORE men and also involved cigars and bbq-ing ribs, chicken, and bat ray which had been caught by a friend. Yes, the men folk take the whole beer experience very seriously around here. I just watch and take pictures. There is much anticipation that the home-grown hops will be ready soon, so we can have a "wet hopping fest," which is not nearly as exciting as it sounds. Just brewing beer with fresh hops rather than dried ones. I don't drink beer but have been told that "wet hopping" produces the best tasting beer. Anywho, now you know.)

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