Friday, August 10, 2012

Garden Inspiration

A few pictures that make me want to get outside and work in the garden...

Next year I plan to plant lots more flowers in the vegetable garden. Not only do they attract pollinators, but they just make the whole thing a thousand times prettier. Our sunflowers are just opening up and every time I look at them I smile.

Doesn't this picture make you excited about harvesting? Something about a basket full of anything that grew outside makes me want to go dig in the dirt. Our apple tree is covered with green apples - I'm hoping we get to harvest some this year before the squirrels get them all.

Have a wonderful weekend - I hope you get to spend some time in your garden!


  1. I haven't had time to comment most of the summer because I haven't been keeping up with my Google Reader, but I have to say that I love this new blog of yours. :) While we're not farm-ready around here just yet, our garden gets a little bigger each year and we're about convinced it's time for chickens.
    Keep it up, Heather. I love reading about the special little place your family is making and the wonderful lessons you are teaching those crazy boys of yours.

  2. Thank you so much Kelli! It's been really fun documenting our little farmish adventures. And if you ever do get chickens I'd love to hear all about it!