Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Boys and girls

Today I declared a moratorium on the words "penis" and "balls." I also engaged in a rather lengthy conversation about the best way to kill a bad guy with a coconut. This, of course, proved difficult for my two fellow conversationalists, given the afore-mentioned ban on anatomical words. I also had to explain to a frustrated 6 year old why he could only check out FIVE dinosaur books from the library, repaired a lego battle ship, and gave a rather grizzly presentation to a three year old about why we don't drink the bath water (pretty sure I violated the ban on both words during that).

I also found a little time to go outside and smile at my sunflowers (four of the five I planted have bloomed and are just covered with happy bumble bees. I have big plans for the seeds this year - last year I left the seed heads outside too long and they were moldy by the time I harvested them. Not this year!). Then I made blackberry crumble cookies. No, I can't eat the cookies, but I've been assured they are delicious. I just couldn't let all those big fat blackberries sit out there on the vines waiting for the chickens to pass by. Oh, and last night I painted my toenails sparkly pink. So I guess everything evens out. :)


  1. Glad to know my 3 year old isn't the only one drinking bath water with no concerns!

    1. Thanks kate - that makes me feel much better!