Friday, September 14, 2012

Chicken Foster Care Update

Baby Cheepy is doing really well in her foster home! I just got this super cute picture from her foster mother, who received 4 baby chicks in the mail a few days ago to keep Cheepy company. Sadly, three of the four chicks died because they were not shipped properly, so Jessica was left with our foster chick and another single traumatized day-old chick. Fortunately, the two birds are getting along really well. This is good; they need each other. Jessica says, "The 2 of them get along well now and seem to appreciate the company. Cheepy has adjusted well, she now follows us around and will lay down on our lap. The baby cries for her when I take Cheepy outside."

I love that Cheepy is in such a fun, hands-on home. While we pay more attention to our chickens than most people, we rely on the flock to keep each other company and couldn't give Cheepy as much love and care as I wanted her to have. Now she is a big sister and is on her way to being a lovely well-behaved hen. Thanks Jessica!

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