Friday, November 16, 2012


These are my micro greens, which I grew in an old plastic sprout container on my kitchen windowsill, ala Gayla Trail. I had a lovely post planned about how much I adore living in the country and how satisfying it is to be able to grow your own food, even indoors. I was going to simultaneously impress and inspire you, and by the end of my post you would have been riffling through your recycling container getting ready to grow micro greens of your own.

But then my daydreams of being a self-sufficient blogger extraordinaire screeched to a halt. My oldest son came running up to me with a stricken look on his face: "Mom, you have to look at what's on the front lawn." I disentangled myself from my musings and humored him. Peeking out the back door I saw it: the decapitated remains of our oldest rooster, Rocky. And then I remembered. I didn't lock up the chickens last night. Dang. Double Dang. The next few hours were spent disposing of his remains, consoling children, and piecing together clues as to what happened. The kids accused Thor, the dog, at first, but he is 12 and has never even looked twice at a chicken. He has the unfortunate habit of dragging any dead chickens into our yard and guarding them with a guilty look on his face, which always makes us suspect him. But then, after hunting around the property for while, we found the crime scene, which revealed that the murder was committed by my old foe, the coyote. So, of course, some of the next few hours involved apologizing to the dog (he is very quick to forgive). By the time that was all taken care of, micro greens were the furthest thing from my mind. I found myself wishing I had a picture of a coyote with a bulls eye painted on it and began imagining a murderous blog post in which I extolled the many uses of coyote pelts...

Okay, now I'm just being dramatic. But my rooster is dead, which is sad, and it is my fault, which is embarrassing and horrible. And all I have pictures of is my sprouts, so there you have it. (And if you do want to grow your own, just mix together some seeds that you have left-over from your fall garden. These are broccoli, cauliflower, kale, and lettuce. Plant them in something you can put in your windowsill, water, and wait about 2 weeks.) Happy (sad) Friday.


  1. Even when sad things happen at the farm, it is REALLY hard not to laugh my way through the posts. You guys are a book waiting to happen! So sorry about Mr. Rooster. That coyote should be doing time!

  2. Awww Rocky! The circle of life has done run you over! I have to agree with Jen Mc. As sad as your tales always are, I laugh every time. Give the boys a hug from me!

  3. Oh, I hate it for you. We also have a coyote population around here and that is one thing we've used as an excuse to not get chickens yet. And my fall garden sucks so bad this year that I've given up hope and decided to just compost the space, lay down newspaper and a bunch of pine straw and wait till spring when my spirits and natural daylight are high and long-lasting again and start over.
    Give the boys and poor Rocky a hug and if you shoot that coyote make sure to take a picture for us! haha

  4. Kelli, this comment cracked me up! My husband has joked that if I kill the coyote he'll make a hat out of it for me. That would be a great blog post (my vegan friends would never read this blog again, though).