Friday, July 27, 2012

The cherry (tomato) on top

The garden has been good to me today. My weekly meal planning somehow skipped the logistics of this day, and a hurried morning getting ready for a beach trip, an entire day away from home, and a homecoming much later than my usual dinner-cooking time made for some creative meals. Sauteed zucchini for breakfast (the boys had eggs with toast; they aren't that hard core), cucumber and cherry tomatoes on my lunch-time salad, and a bushel of blackberries to go with our grilled cheese sandwiches at dinner. Simple, fresh, delicious. We are all cozy and clean - too tired to even feel guilty about all the chores that didn't get done. The chickens are scratching around in the yard and our pre-pubescent rooster is practicing his crowing. It's a cheerful end to the work week - tomorrow we'll jump into the work-weekend. But that's the fun work: weeding, amending soil, washing out chicken water tubs, playing with baby chicks, daydreaming about what to plant for fall. Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. You have a beautiful blog and lovely photos! I can't wait to dive in deeper and explore. Thanks for stopping by to visit Farmgirl!

  2. Thanks Jennifer! I feel the same about your blog - looking forward to reading more about your adventures. :)